1. Follow the order format as per instructions.
2. We strongly suggest you use http://privnote.com/ for your security.

1. Cancelling or significantly altering the order after it is paid for may result in 100 USD processing fee or may not be accepted.
2. Value of Bitcoin transfer is calculated from value on first confirmation.  
3. Bitcoin payments are considered received after 1 confirmation. 
4. 0% underpayment is tolerated with bank transfer and credit card payments.
5. 1% underpayment is tolerated with Bitcoin payments. Use www.preev.com/btc/usd to determine the current value. 
6. Payment methods accepted are only: Bitcoin, Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Other payment methods are not accepted as of now. 
7. If the samples are not shipped within 6 months of making the payment, the order might be cancelled with 100 USD fee or no refund at all.
8. Not providing the data necessary to issue an invoice within 7 days of payment may cause the order to be cancelled with 100 USD fee or no refund at all.
9. Security note: Double check the e-mail headers to verify all correspondence is coming from janoshik.com domain

1. If we don't have the correct tracking number by the time the package arrives to the laboratory or reaches customs, the package may be refused or discarded immediately without refund. 
2. If the customs declaration or shipping details are not filled according to instructions, the package may be refused without refund. 
3. If the package does not contain samples as per the order (lack of labels, different samples, additional/missing samples) the package can be refused or discarded immediately without refund. Same applies for orders not paid for.
4. Coverage of reshipping costs is available when the original package was shipped with FedEx, exactly as per instructions and customs won't release the package in less than 10 working days. 
5. Using shipping services other than FedEx carry a small chance of incurring additional charges for customs services [usually ranging from 30 USD to 100 USD]. 
6. By making an order you permit us to issue documents in your name for customs purposes. 

1. Reports cannot be changed after they were issued.
2. New report can be issued only if there is a typo or error on our side.
3. We don't have access to test reports issued, database is one-way encrypted, if you lose access to your reports, we can't help. 
4. After the report is issued and emailed, the sample is disposed of in 48 hours, unless we are contacted in the said time window. 
5. Reports are to be reproduced as they are in full, without any changes or modifications. Verification data must be visible at all times.
6. The reports refer only to samples or aliquots tested as they were received by the client.
7. We are not to be held responsible for the client not receiving the reports, particularly if it has been caused by his email provided or spam filter.

Retest requests
1. If you feel the result is wrong, you may request a retest, which may or may not be charged for extra.
2. Additional pill / capsule / other piece of sample test can be requested within 48 hours of us sending the report for an additional fee. Previous result will be listed on the report as well.